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Investigations on a matter in the estate of the Late Simeon Nyachae
Detailed investigation into the identity and marital history of a woman asserting herself as the wife of the deceased Cabinet minister. Findings from a familial inquiry suggest that she had prior marriages to other individuals.[…]
The family of a Chinese woman tragically killed by a hippo in Naivasha has been granted KSh 25.5 million by the High Court. Jacqueline Kamau.
In her ruling, attributed the fatal attack on the 28-year-old to the hotel, stating that the establishment had neglected its duty, leading to the unfortunate incident.[…]
Sony Sugar Company Scandal: Legal Firms Accused of Defrauding through Fabricated Claims.
Allegations have surfaced implicating law firms in a substantial financial scam, entangling the financially beleaguered South Nyanza Sugar Company. The controversy revolves around the filing of deceptive claims, painting a concerning picture of fraudulent activities within the legal domain. […]
Financial Threat to Trans Mara Sugar Company: Impending Loss of KSh. 30M to Lawyer Fraudsters.
Investigation seeking to revive Trans Mara Sugar Company by probing allegations of fraudulent activities involving lawyers. Our goal was to uncover a plot to misappropriate up to KSh. 30 million, targeting neighboring farmers. We scrutinized financial transactions, legal documents, and communication channels, unraveling the intricacies of this alleged embezzlement for a comprehensive resolution.[...]
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