Due diligence/ Background checks

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We provides comprehensive background screening services on a nationwide and global scale necessary in today’s business environment. We can address and meet the diverse needs of any organization. We develop packages and offer single searches based on your request and hiring guidelines. Our level of accuracy, consistency, speed and quality allow for information you can trust from an organization that values your partnership.

Our consultative approach helps you create, define, and establish a screening program that’s right for you, reviewable in customized, easy-to-read online reports.

  • Investment/ Property
  • Credit Reports
  • Employment
  • Bankruptcy



Our Due diligence & Background Check reports will consist of but are not limited to:

DNA Services

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All our DNA tests are carried out on 16 genetic markers. This is the minimum accepted standard for DNA analysis and ensures more reliable results.

DNA samples are collected using oral swabs. Orals swabs are extremely quick and easy to use so you need not worry about making any mistakes. We will send the oral swabs inside our kit. You can then send them to us for testing in the lab using a per-addressed envelope we provide.

We offer comprehensive and professional services in the following fields;

  • Paternity Testing
  • Identity and Evidence

Fraud Investigations

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We help to identify the people responsible for frauds, secure evidence for disciplinary or legal action and trace and recover stolen assets. After the event, we help companies put in place policies and controls to reduce the likelihood of future risks.

We work across all sectors of industry and in a variety of jurisdictions, using our understanding of what motivates people to commit commercial crime.

Control Risks also helps companies deal with commercially sensitive problems beyond fraud:


  • Varied Property thefts
  • Accidents

Inquiry into Deaths

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Death Investigation focuses on the investigation of crime and death using forensic pathology, anthropology, and DNA analysis.

This discipline investigates unlawful, unnatural and suspicious deaths

This discipline investigates unlawful, unnatural and suspicious deaths